11 Ways to Find Cheap Wedding Venues in Melbourne

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Following are 11 Ways to Find Cheap wedding venues in Melbourne:

  1. Opt for Small Town in place of Big City – Prices are more often than not higher in big cities, thus go to the towns to get better deals. For instance, if you live in Atlanta, and choose to marry in Newnan, a suburb outside of Atlanta, you can save about 10,000 dollars compared to the price quotes in the city.
  2. Focus on Priorities – What’s the main thing you want out of wedding venues? Is it the great view, with less amount of emphasis on the food? Or do you wish a ‘5-star sprawl of gourmet delights’, without regards to whether or not your location is in the middle of a bustling city? Try and figure out what is most important for you & splurge a little on the one thing and save on the budget with the stuff which does not matter as much.
  3. Do not get married on a ‘Saturday’ – You are in all probability not surprised that ‘Saturday’ is the most common day for getting married. It is convenient, it is traditional, and it is what most are used to. And because it is the most common day, it is also the most costly day. Many of the venues will charge up to 50 per cent less if you book their space on a Friday or Sunday. But why? Because they normally do not get weddings for these days, it is like extra income and everybody is the winner.
  4. Take into consideration Non-Traditional Venues – Get creative! Take into consideration a bed & breakfast, an art gallery, a public park, or some rare Outdoor Event Space in Melbourne for your reception. Places that do not typically host weddings might not have the exorbitant prices as those who are famous for being wedding venues.
  5. Choose one single venue in place of two – Many of the locations can be a ceremony & reception venue, which means you do not have to pay two separate location charges. For case in point, many of the churches have a hall which is available for these types of occasions. Guests love it when they don’t have to drive from the ceremony venue to go to the reception venue.
  6. Make use of your negotiation skills – Try and get offers from the different locations and make complete use of that particular piece of information to your benefit. Also, ensure you do not mention that you are hiring the venue for a wedding until you get an estimated a price for it. Some of the locations jack up the price when they come to know that you want their venue for the purpose of a wedding.
  7. Have a Morning Wedding – Although it might be tricky for the bride to get ready bright & early, having a ‘morning wedding’ can save you a whole lot of money! Serving lunch at the reception is way cheaper than serving dinner. To add to this, you get more time to spend with your brand new spouse on your day of the wedding.
  8. Ask to make the full payment of a discount – Usually, you are needed to provide a ‘down payment’ when you book venues for weddings and later pay the remaining amount. Ask if you are allowed to get a discount when you pay in full while booking. However, you have to make sure that you acquire a written contract with a ‘reimbursement plan’ to protect yourself in the event if something goes wrong.
  9. Get married in the Off-Season – Summer is the wedding season. Although it might be more convenient for many families having children to attend weddings during the summer season when the weather is nice & sunny, take into consideration an off-season month, like November or January, to cut down your costs. That’ll also aid you in saving money when you want to book your honeymoon!
  10. Get an ‘All-Inclusive Package’ – When you opt for a customary ceremony in a church, you get an ‘all-inclusive package’. They take care of everything, encompassing the decorations, cake, and food. This saves you a ton because the venue makes deals with many services and then passes the savings on to you.
  11. Have a small, humble reception & a Party Later on – If you confine your wedding & reception to close to 50 people or even less, you can save a whole lot of money. Invite very close friends & family. When you return from your honeymoon, throw a casual (and reasonably priced) party to celebrate and enjoy with the rest of your friends.

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