Build a Solid Working Team With a Corporate Activity

Corporate activities can spark new relationships, create lasting partnerships, and set the tone for future success. With this in mind it is a good idea for any company to participate in corporate team building activities. This is something that is regularly carried out by large companies across the world, all with the aim to improve productivity within the work environment.

The best idea is to take the group/ team away from familiar surroundings; this can involve travelling away which is really the ideal for any team building. If you are travelling you will need to have accommodation booked, most activity centres will be able to offer this as a complete package with your corporate team building included.

There are many things you can do on a corporate team building activity break, these include:

• Raft Building
• Canoe & Kayaking
• Caving
• Climbing
• Abseiling

Taking part in this type of outdoor activity really does enforce the need to work as a team. Activities such as raft building make sure that the group work together as a team to plan, build and implement, this is exactly what is required in a corporate environment. If a group works poorly as a team then the raft for instance will not get built on time and will probably not float! Exactly what you do not want happening in the office.

When selecting your location for corporate team building make sure to find one that enjoys large areas of open space and preferably within an area of outstanding natural beauty. This way your teams focus will be on the task in hand, getting the maximum benefit possible.

If you are taking a large team the best thing to do is to split them into smaller groups, this way they will be able to work in manageable teams but also compete against the other teams, this will create the competitive edge that you require especially if your workforce is mostly sales based. It will however keep the individuals working as a competitive unit.

You do not just have to use these adventure activity breaks for team building, they can also be used as a rewards scheme, rewarding either individuals or teams for their hard work, increasing moral in the workplace.

Whatever you decide to do with your corporate team building or rewards scheme make sure that you consult a centre that already provides this type of service as well as offering accommodation, if you do this you will be guaranteed professional instructors who can get the most out of your workforce.

Paul Howells has over 20 years worth of experience when it comes to teaching and instructing canoe hire, offering canoe hire lessons and trips on the River Wye.

He is fully qualified and has taught thousands of people to canoe the rivers over the past 20 years, running a successful business in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, running trips from Symonds Yat.

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