Decorating For Function

AUSTRALIA‚Äôs cultural capital has no shortage of inspiring wedding reception venues Melbourne for couples to tie the knot in style. When decorating certain rooms in your house, it can be easy to forget what the room is actually going to be used for in the end. Many times a room will only be used for one thing and it is simply not worth putting a lot of effort into decorating a room if the results are not going to be seen. You can decorate your dining room so that the President would be proud to eat there, but if all your family looks at while they eat is their plate, there’s not really much point.

For instance, a TV room will obviously contain a TV, but if all anyone is going to do in there is watch TV, there isn’t much point in decorating the place to look beautiful. After all, the idea of decorating is that people feel at ease in their surroundings – if they aren’t going to pay the slightest bit of attention to the surroundings you are probably wasting your time making them anything other than functional. This doesn’t mean that the room should have mould in the corners and wallpaper hanging down, just that you shouldn’t worry too much about accessories, or those small details that really give a room personality.

For a functional room, such as a TV room, office or dining room, think about plain and simple decoration. Neutral colors that don’t distract the eye from what it should be doing are the best idea. It might be hard to concentrate on your favourite soap opera if you keep finding yourself staring at the acid orange wall behind the television. Simple cream walls are restful and easy on the eye without being distracting and you don’t need to worry about accessories or artwork. However, bear in mind that lighting may be an important factor here. Particularly in a TV room you don’t want the lighting to be too strong as it can really interfere with the mood. Try corner lamps instead, or install a dimmer switch.

Area rugs are a great way of adding comfort to a room without having to think too much about the color of the walls or the particular accessories or other details that might help. An area rug in a TV room adds that feeling of comfort and coziness to the television-watching experience without causing you hours of design dilemmas over what size, shape, color or other detail of an accessory would go best in that room. The right kind of rug can also be picked up and wrapped around whoever is watching the television, adding to their comfort. Of course, this can make it difficult to dig your kids out of the TV room at bedtime.

Although we all want our homes to look beautiful and feel perfect, the simple fact of the matter is that some rooms just don’t require that amount of attention. Going to a lot of trouble to make rooms that really do just perform a function feel cozy is often counter-productive. Do what you need to in order to make them useful!

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