Overall Wellness Achieved Through Fitness Yoga

Nutritionist Northern Beaches is dedicated to you achieving your health goals and becoming as vital, healthy and happy as possible. Fitness Yoga is a dynamic form of exercise that helps in alleviating stress and recharging the body with positive energy. Through fitness yoga, there are several benefits that can be achieved and most of which are geared to promote overall wellness.

Regularly practice of fitness yoga helps in achieving optimum physical condition, relaxing the mind, and building connection between the mind and body. To help you further understand how fitness yoga establishes overall wellness, discussed below are the range of benefits that such practice offers.

Physical Benefits

Through fitness yoga, all major muscle groups are put to work particularly the core areas of the body which contributes in achieving stronger and more toned muscles. It also helps in improving flexibility by working on the soft tissues of the body and increasing the range of motion of every joint, which may be beneficial especially for individuals who are dealing with injury or a debilitating condition.

Mental Benefits

Through breathing techniques, the mind is cleared creating inner balance, better sense of well-being, focus and concentration. One is able to perform better, see things in different perspectives, and come up with the best decisions if the mind is clear. This exercise also helps achieve quality sleep and manage stress so that the burdens of usual tasks will not reflect on your well-being.

Yoga is a traditional discipline that involves the body, mind and soul. It offers numerous physical and mental health benefits that contribute to overall wellness.

Fitness yoga is not as physically demanding as other types of exercises and you can engage in the practice without using any equipment. But for those who want to execute difficult poses with ease and achieve proper alignment, there are props that can contribute to the success of fitness yoga.

Here are some of the supplies that can be used to effectively perform fitness yoga:

  • Yoga mat – This is the recommended equipment to execute ground exercises involving various poses and movements.
  • Block – Works by providing additional support for practitioners who need to perform exercises that may be initially too difficult to perform without a prop including stretching exercises.
  • Belt or Straps – this type of prop is particularly intended to assist a practitioner in performing a variety of hamstrings stretching poses. Yoga belt and straps help increase your flexibility at a faster rate.
  • Yoga wear – Fitness yoga can challenge the body’s flexibility so it will be important to wear stretchable clothes and those that can help wick away sweat from the body to ensure easier execution of poses without discomfort.