Picnic Ideas for You

People have been enjoying picnics for many years now, with it is origins dating as far back as Medieval England. Of course it basically means eating a meal outdoors, ideally in a beautiful area, but it did evolve from a wealthy tradition of outdoor feasts during medieval hunting and outdoor banquets. We have Christmas party ideas to ensure your guests are extra jolly during the most wonderful time of the year.

Luckily it is no longer enjoyed only by the wealthy and although credited to the Europeans many people around the world enjoy partaking in picnics – which person could resist a lovely, relaxing outdoor meal with friends on a sunny day in no doubt a beautiful landscape? Off course nobody.

That is why all the people will be taking everything they need for their next leisurely outing in this new and stylish Picnic Backpack 4 person. Needless to say, this is also great when you really want to go to town on wrapping a present to put underneath other wrapping or storage accessory.

Naturally carrying everything in a backpack style is a bonus, often meaning you can carry more and it is certainly kinder to your back! So smaller or larger storage space is desirous for all the people who are eagerly willing for a picnic tour.

People like to get some presents that is commonly known as all of them will be liked but are also useful to have – one could argue that they are therefore partly for them. There is a need to conveniently store them.

Naturally everything you could need is included:* One stay cool zipped bottle holder – stayed chilled!* Four good sized plates 23cm diameter* Four Knives, Four Forks, Four Spoons, Four Tumblers & Four* Napkins* Salt & Pepper Containers* Wooden Chopping Board* Corkscrew / Knife* Various stay cool pockets
With a Carry Handle and Shoulder Straps, it is easy to carry & lightweight.

Made in strong & Robust Materials it is built to last! With various stay cool pockets and a cool zipped bottle holder, you will be able to enjoy your cold drinks and foods just as you prepared them.

The 4-Person Picnic Bag in Two Tone Brown would also be a welcome addition to a picnic outing. With the set containing: * Four good size plate’s 23cm diameter * Four Knives, Four Forks, Four Spoons, Four Plastic Wine * Glasses, Four Serviettes * Salt & Pepper Containers * Corkscrew / Knife * Wooden Chopping Board * Various zipped compartments

Do not forget to protect yourself from any unwelcome pests to the picnic with the wide range of Insect Repellers. These pests are so harmful to the material so one must have to follow certain protections in order to get rid of them.

With the brand new Thermacell Olive Appliance you can repel up to 98% of Midges, Mosquitoes & Gnats! Providing 21 square meters of Repellency from Midges, Mosquitoes & Gnats for up to 12 Hours, this Portable, Odors Free and Silent Insect Repeller really is the best product to take to stop pests ruining your outing! It’s ideal for day trips, the Garden, Fishing, Camping & more! Here’s what we do in our corporate event.