Quality Catering Equipment Versus Cheap Catering Equipment

Imagine walking into a dream setting fitted out with a corporate picnic Sydney styled to your individual needs, a deluxe grazing platter, champagne on ice and so much more. It’s not a secret that everyone is always looking for a bargain in every aspect of their lives. But when it comes to catering equipment you may want to think twice when you pair two of the same types of products. Do you opt for the quality product or the cheaper one?

Benjamin Franklin once said that the “bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. If you buy a cheap product you could be paying for it in the long run. For example, the price may be low but it may use a lot more energy than you expected. This can be seen in commercial refrigeration units. A test had been done to determine whether cheap is better as opposed to quality.

The Staycold Beverage Cooler, specifically the SD1140-LF unit and its nearest competitor were used to determine the cost involved initially and in the long run. The SD1140-LF costs about a third more than its competitor. But why is the price of this unit more than a standard beverage cooler? The Staycold Beverage Cooler is manufactured with long term economy in mind because electricity costs are rising and there is much pressure on the operational margins for a business. Many beverage coolers are manufactured to keep the unit cost of the product low so long term efficiency is not important at that stage. The goal is to make as many product sales as possible so keeping the production cost low ensures that product costs are low. But this initial low cost can mean that you pay more for electricity usage because the unit is not manufactured to use electricity efficiently. The cost of manufacturing energy efficient catering equipment does involve more costs such as research and development as well as the cost of energy efficient and eco-friendly parts. Because more costs are involved in the development of the SD1140-LF the price of the unit does amount to more than the average beverage cooler in its range.

As a business owner you need to decide which option will be better for you. A low cost unit which means that you’ll spend more on electricity bills or a unit that requires more of an investment to ensure that your energy consumption remains as low as possible in the long run.