Top Five Caribbean Surfing Destinations

Surfing in Jamaica
The island of Jamaica is a good place for persons who are just beginning to surf. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. This allowed the country to have mainly calm waters which is excellent for beginning surfing. Additionally, the island offer different surfing camps including the Jamnesia Surf Camp that visitors can participate in. The best time of the year to surf in Jamaica are summer and winter. The parishes of Portland, St. Thomas and St. Andrew are some of the best places to surf in Jamaica. In Kingston surfers can catch a good wave at Lighthouse. To access the surfing comp in any Caribbean destinations all you need is to install a surfing app.

Surfing in Barbados
Another top Caribbean surfing destination is Barbados. This is mainly done on the Atlantic coast or the east coast of the island. Barbados is known for its surfing competitions which are internationally renowned. One of the main competitions is in November and it’s a 2 day event held on the rugged Atlantic coast of the island. The competition is held at Soup Bowl. Other places on the island that offers surfing are Silver Sands, Accra, South Point, Tropicana, Freights Bay, and NeedHams Point to Oistins. Some resorts in Barbados that offers Surfing are Turtle Beach, Hilton Barbados Resort and St. Peter’s Bay Holiday Rentals.

Surfing in the Dominican Republic
This country is the second largest in the Caribbean and has a coastline spanning more than 800 miles. It present the best challenges for the advance or veteran surfers. The island should be an island of choice of these surfers because it is surrounded by both Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This has allow the island to offers surfing opportunities all through the year. However, in the winter months the northern section of the island is the best place to surf. Two of the favorite spots on the northern coastline to surf are Puerto Plata and Cabarete. The southern part of the island is excellent for surfing during spring and summer.

Surfing in the French Caribbean
The island of Martinique offers a number of beaches that are good for surfing. They offer surfing equipment for rental as well as short courses for all levels of surfers. Some of the most popular beaches are Anse Ceron, Anse Trabaud, Anse Bonville, Basse Pointe, Anse Cafard and Anse Diamant. The best time of the year to surf in Martinique is from November to March and the northern coast of the island present the best waves for surfing in Martinique. The island of St. Martin is another French territory which is excellent for surfing. Places like Baie Longue, St. Baths, Baie aux Prunes are excellent places to surf. There is also excellent training course for all levels of surfing in St. Martin.

British Virgin Islands Surfing
Tortola is one of the best spots in the British Virgin Islands to surf. Places like Apple Bay Beach, Josiah’s Bay Beach and Cane Garden Bay Beach are excellent place to surf. The best time of year to surf in Tortola is between November and March.

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